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Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary
10808 Rawhide Trail, Austin, TX 78736
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Things to know

Things to know before you visit Austin Zoo:

1. Austin Zoo is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization, and we rely on private donations, gate admissions, grants and sponsorships to continue to care for the animals we have, and to be able to take in new animals that need a safe home. We do not receive any funding from the city or state. The mission of Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary is to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education.

2. Our animals are housed in native Texas Hill Country enclosures created to fit in naturally on our grounds that allow the animals to enjoy real grass and landscaping as opposed to concrete exhibits.

3. The zoo trails are made of crushed granite gravel. It is best to wear closed toe, comfortable walking shoes.

4. It takes about an hour and a half to walk through the grounds and view the animals. The optional train ride is about fifteen minutes long.

5. Austin Zoo does not have water fountains as our well is not a commercial-grade well. You are welcome to bring your own beverages, as well as food. We also offer bottled Rainwater in our Gift Shop for purchase.

6. Strollers are available for your use free of charge on a first come, first served basis. They are located on the Education building porch.

7. Parking is free of charge.

8. If you park in the back (bus) parking lot, follow the granite gravel trail to the Gift Shop.

9. No live animals of any kind may be brought onto Zoo grounds or left in the parking lot.

10. For the health of our animals, smoking is prohibited on Zoo grounds. Please return to the parking area across from the Gift Shop if you wish to smoke.

11. Animal feed to feed the goats, deer, llamas, and sheep is available for sale only in the Gift Shop for $2.50 per bag.

12. Train tickets are a separate cost and are available for sale only at the Train Depot for $2.50 per ticket. The train company accepts Mastercard, Visa, and cash.

13. Zoo admission may be paid by Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or cash. Checks are accepted only if prior arrangements have been made with the Zoo office.